La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lips


La Roche Posay’s original Cicaplast balm is a cult fave remedy for everything from sunburn to eczema, so I had high hopes for the lip balm version. I tend to really suffer from dry skin in the winter due to a combination of battering winds and moisture-sapping central heating, and it’s always my lips that end up in the worst state. 

Cicaplast Lips promises to repair any cracks or chapping (chapped-ness? chap? who knows) whilst forming a protective barrier. It leaves a comfortable, semi-matte finish on the lips that is unique to any other lip balm I own and a good alternative to those of us who hate the look/feel of greasy, sticky gloss balms.

It moisturised well, but if I’m honest I expected more. I’m such a big fan of La Roche Posay in general so maybe my hopes for this were just a little too high, but I wouldn’t repurchase it again. It’s a nice product, sure, and I’ll finish the tube, but I wanted more than nice. I wanted great, and this is above average at best. The search for the perfect lip balm goes on…


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