The Lush Tag

For today’s post I was inspired to do a tag by this lovely video! I tag @mariabmakeup @va-voomvanity and @bathbombmadness​ plus anyone else who wants to do it!

What is your favourite Lush product?

As much as I love all of their wonderful bath products, I couldn’t live without Dream Cream. I used to get quite bad eczema on my legs as a child and this is the only thing that completely prevents it, even against more expensive or prescription creams. I’ve lost count of how many tubs I’ve used over the seven-plus years I’ve been using it, and always keep a spare one just in case it runs out! It’s a Lush institution that completely deserves the hype. 


What is your favourite bath bomb?

Oh god I knew this would be a question! This is so difficult for me as there are so many I love, particularly from the Christmas range – Yog Nog, Golden Wonder, Father Christmas, Twilight, Big Blue…At a push I think I’d have to say Shoot For The Stars is my favourite bath bomb – one of my fave Lush scents combined with ‘galaxy’ water and a star-themed name. Perfection. 


What is your favourite bubble bar?

Another tough one here! Once again I’ve got to go for a limited edition product in the form of Ultraviolet. It was released specially for Mother’s Day earlier this year and it was deee-vine. Imagine having a bath in Palma Violets and you might start to get an idea. I also love Big Bang from Lush Oxford St and, of course, The Comforter


What is your favourite bath melt?

Anyone who’s been to Lush Oxford Street will know that they have a selection of solid bath oils, which I think are going to replace the traditional melts very soon. As much as I love Melting Marshmallow Moment, Shark Infested Custard and Razzle Dazzle, my favourite is Delight. It’s a little ball of marzipan-scented joy covered in silver lustre that covered me and everything I wore in glitter for a solid two days.


What is your favourite soap?

Soap is the one thing I’m not particularly keen on in general, but I do like Honey I Washed The Kids (same scent as Shoot For The Stars) and Rockstar.


What is your favourite shower gel?

It’s Raining Men, with Snow Fairy coming a close second. I do really want to try the Twilight shower gel though as apparently that’s amazing.


What is your favourite limited edition product?

Pretty much all of the products I’ve mentioned are limited edition (sorry!), but I must emphasise how much I love the Lush Christmas range. The majority of my favourite Lush products are xmas exclusives and I always have to stock up as soon as October rolls round. 


How long have you been a Lushie?

Ever since I started buying Dream Cream all those years ago – it was love at first bath. 

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My Fave Nude Lipsticks


(swatches in order: Bourjois Nudist, Revlon Pink Truffle, Topshop Ambition, L’Oreal Toujours Teaberry, Maybelline Galactive Mauve, Rimmel Celestial)


(Revlon Sultry)








I probably best start off by saying that my version of ‘nude’ might be a bit different to the typical definition. For some reason I have never been able to get on with the Kylie Jenner/cool-greige lipsticks that are so popular at the moment, and so I rarely buy or wear them. As you can see from the swatches above my favourite nudes are quite pink (although the Bourjois Rouge Edition especially I feel is a lot ‘nudier’ in real life), but I still class them as neutral colours when compared with the neons and purples of the rest of my collection!

Pink Truffle has to be my favourite brown-nude, although Galactive Mauve is just beautiful and is unlike any other lipstick I own. L’Oreal’s Toujours Teaberry really is infallible and even outlasts Bourjois Nudist, which is incredible considering they’re both such fab long-wearing colours. The Topshop Lip Perfector is a complete dupe of the far more expensive Clarins one, and one I love to slick on when I’m having a lazy makeup day. If I had to pick one favourite, I think it would have to be the Revlon Matte Balm in Sultry. I’ve barely gone a week without wearing it since I got it as it’s just the most perfect dark nude for me, more neutral than a pink or red but with a good injection of colour that stops me from looking washed out. 

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NYX Coming To Boots?!

On my weekly snoop around the Boots website to see what’s new, I came across the very exciting news that NYX Cosmetics are going to be sold on! I have wanted to try something from this brand for the longest time as they always get great reviews from American bloggers and at an affordable price. You can also sign up for the waiting list for the Liquid Suede lipsticks here.

Lush Little Dragon Bubble Bar

LUSH LITTLE DRAGON BUBBLE BAR: £5.95 @ Lush Oxford Street

This bubble bar is one of the products I picked up at Lush Oxford Street, which has numerous Lush products that are exclusive to that store. It does make me quite sad that I won’t be able to get my hands on this again for a very long time as it was lovely. Little Dragon is one of their solid reusable bubble bars that you have to hold under the tap as opposed to crumbling it, which I must say did give me a bit of shoulder-ache as it takes a while to dissolve if you’re wanting to use a lot. As always I think if you’re going to pay the Lush price tag you might as well use enough to make a difference, so in this case I used one of the sticks each time – probably too much but there you go. The bar turned the water a fiery blood-orange that was quite unusual for Lush as they usually stick to their pastel blues and pinks. The spicy aromatic loveliness made it a bit like bathing in a curry (in a good way), and it actually helped get rid of a blocked nose I was suffering from. I really hope they roll this out nationwide for Chinese New Year as it would be so perfect for clearing up January sniffles! 

Honey Honey How It Thrills Me (Ah-ha) Honey Honey



Nothing like a bit of ABBA to get a post started right? Honey has got to be one of my favourite ingredients in both beauty and food, and the above honey-filled products are two I’ve been really enjoying using. It’s Raining Men shower gel shares its scent with Honey I Washed The Kids soap and Shoot For The Stars bath bomb, or in other words my absolute favourite Lush scent. (As a side note, Shoot For The Stars has recently come back in to stores as part of the Christmas range and I plan to stock up, as it might just be my favourite bomb ever (which is saying a lot)!) The shower gel itself lathers up brilliantly and is a bit like showering in frothy treacle i.e. heaven. It is expensive and probably more of a gift (I have to thank the gorgeous Maria for mine) but it is a fab treat.

Honey Treasures is the latest variation of Garnier Ultimate Blends, a haircare range that I’ve known and loved for a while now. This scent/type/flavour (anyone else always use ‘flavour’ to describe beauty products?) is formulated for damaged hair prone to breakage, which is perfect for when my hair’s just been bleached or if my split ends are in need of a trim. I do find that it can weigh down my hair a bit if I use it too often so I’d steer clear if you have fine hair, as it would probably make it quite greasy. Aside from that it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny and no doubt I’ll be picking up the matching conditioner and serum. The Honey Treasures range is also currently half price at Boots.

£6 Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector Dupe


If like me you’ve been lusting after the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfectors but refuse to pay £18 a pop, look no further than this £6 Topshop dupe. From the soft, sheer shade range to to sponge applicator and even the packaging, the two products really are only separated by the £12 price difference. Ambition is a lovely neutral nude that just adds a hint of something (if ya know what I mean) to an otherwise bare lip, and the texture isn’t sticky at all. While essentially you are still paying £6 for a glorified lip balm, it’s a lot better than paying nearly £20. Cheers Topshop.