Lush You’ve Been Mangoed



A selection of the new breed of Lush’s solid have now come up from Lush Oxford Street, one of them being a reimagined You’ve Been Mangoed. The once yellow brick is now a lurid green lump of various oils and butters that could only ever be found in Lush. It packs an extreme punch, making my bathroom smell like a sherbet lemon factory for a good few hours so beware if you’re not a fan of citrusy scents. In fact I don’t think I could detect any hint of mango in this – lime was the over-riding smell, making it feel a little bit like bathing in 7UP or a seriously fruity Margarita. 

It was actually a nice pick-me-up on my cold January evening, and I can imagine this being the perfect antidote to the winter sniffles as it would give your sinuses a good kick up the backside. All those moisturising oils left my skin feeling define too, so if this is what being ‘mangoed’ feels like I’d probably do it again!

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