Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Hand Cream


First things first, I have never really ‘believed’ in hand cream. I always thought it was just normal body cream sold in smaller quantities for double the price and no product had ever made me question that. Well, that was until Hand Chemistry came in to my life. As someone in their late teens I can’t really speak for the anti-ageing claims as I can’t test them, but I do know that this makes my hands feel so incredibly, amazingly soft. Like crazy-soft. Sometimes I’ll just sit stroking the back of my hand for a good ten minutes because of how silky they feel, which admittedly does make me sound slightly insane but I don’t even care because my hands are so soft.

Overall would I repurchase?

This has got to be the definition of luxury for me as I don’t really need it and it’s £20 full size, but we’ll see – I may not be able to resist the lure of baby-soft hands!


Urban Decay Shadow Box


Urban Decay eyeshadows are the creme de la creme of the beauty world in my opinion, due to their gorgeous packaging, legendary palettes, cohesive shade range and best of all their quality – buttery, pigmented and worth their high price tag. I’ve used my trusty original Naked palette nearly every day for months now and I still adore it, although I did find myself pining for a bit colour. This Shadow Box has been a summer staple, combining eleven shimmer shades with one matte black that together provide a wardrobe of options for different looks. Two of my favourites from the Naked One palette (Sin and Smog) both appear here, and my other highlights are Bordello (a rosey pink, similar to a lighter version of UD Toasted), Tornado (rich plum), Baked Cowboy (warm brass) and Mushroom (gunmetal silver). All in all a fabulous palette that is a great companion to any of the Naked palettes.

Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb


When it comes to bath bombs I’m a sucker for anything that makes my water resemble a contender in RuPaul’s Drag Race, and by that I mean I want bright colours and glitter and a bit of pizazz. While this bath bomb is sadly lacking on the glitter front, it turns the water a gorgeous violet hue and there is a little ‘boom boom!’ surprise at the end (remind anyone else of Basil Brush?). Well played Lush. Well played. 

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser


There was quite a flurry around this when it came out as as far as I know Nivea are the only brand apart from Lush that make an in-shower moisturiser, which is quite amazing considering it seems like an obvious product idea. After liking the Lush offerings I thought I’d give this a go, and I suppose I got what I expected. The texture is a light lotion that you apply to wet skin as a last step in shower, before rinsing off and (supposedly) that’s your body moisturiser done. But as someone who loves and is now used to thick body creams and butters, I found this wasn’t all at moisturising enough for me and I still had to apply another product. However if you don’t normally moisturise and want to try and get in to it this is a really good place to start, as it’s so easy and quick to use and does give a bit of moisture.

Overall would I repurchase?

I would actually, as even though it’s not enough on its own when I apply a body cream on top it leaves my skin wonderfully soft.

Boots Cucumber Eye Gel


If you’re anything like me you might be amazed a £1.50 eye gel even exists, but it does, and it’s actually pretty good. I bought this to slather on at the at end of my long days of summer exams and revision, when my eyes are so tired I can barely open them and I can’t even be bothered to slice up a cucumber. It does the trick, soothing my battle-worn lids and preventing zombie-like eyebags in the morning. Sure, it’s never going to be a wonder product, but if you’ve got a stressful week or long journey coming up and want some TLC on a budget, I’d definitely recommend it.


Overall would I repurchase?

Yep, I might even stock up on a couple to keep in the fridge as a post-sunbathe refresher.

#getlippyweek Day 7 | Revlon Matte Balm Elusive



Elusive is the second matte balm of #getlippyweek and my third in total, so it’s safe to say I really love this lipsticks! The formula is just essentially everything it should be – matte but not flat or drying, no bleeding/feathering, opaque in one swipe, even application and amazing wear time. That’s a quite a hefty list, but the Revlon matte balms tick every box. The above shade is light, cool-toned pink that I actually think might be slightly too light and cool for my skin tone but I’m going to try and persever with it. It’s also worth noting that the lighter shades of these tend to cling to dry patches a lot more than the darker colours, nothing too major but something I have noticed.

Overall would I repurchase?

I do love the Revlon matte balms but my biggest gripe with them is the shade range! I wish they did a few more darker/purpley pinks instead of so many orange tones.

#getlippyweek Day 6 | Revlon Moisture Stain New York Scene



After the disastrous offering from Bourjois yesterday, I’m pleased to report that the Revlon Moisture Stains do actually live up to their claims. They are glossy and moisturising whilst giving a strong colour and an amazingly long-wearing stain. There is a small amount of feathering, but it can be easily prevented by applying the majority of the product in the middle of your lips and using a lip liner before applying. 

Overall would I repurchase?

This is my second moisture stain and I’d love to buy more if they expand the colour range to include a few more shades I like.

#getlippyweek Day 5 | Bourjois Aqua Lacque



After loving the Rouge Edition Velvets (review link) I was super excited when these lacquer versions were released, especially because Viens Si Tu Roses is the perfect rosey/nude-red colour that seems to be lacking in the matte version. However I hate to say I am really disappointed in these. The colour barely lasts an hour, let alone the 10hr claim, it bleeds horrendously and leaves an unattractive line around my lips – urgh. They’re just a bit rubbish. It’s such a shame because I love the colour and think Bourjois is a pretty high quality brand in general. 

Overall would I repurchase?


#getlippyweek Day 4 | Revlon Lacquer Balm Whimsical


As a huge, huge fan of the Revlon Matte Balms, I was optimistic about trying their shiny counterparts. Whimsical is an attractive purpley-pink shade that isn’t like any of the matte shades but unfortunately isn’t half as good as any of them either. I don’t mind a bit of shimmer but the glitter in this is so chunky you can feel it when you’re applying it and it leaves a faint gritty texture. Application is also tricky in that it never seems to look right, always a bit patchy here or there. Obviously with this being a gloss I wasn’t expecting the uber-long wear time of the matte balms, but the amount of time this stayed on my lips is ridiculous – an hour, max, before leaving an unsightly bleeding line around my lips with hardly any trace of colour. The glitter meanwhile could put Bear Grylls to shame, surviving long past the colour had gone and leaving my lips speckled with blue iridescent sparkle. It sounds a lot nicer than it looks.

Overall would I repurchase?

Part of me is in denial about how disappointing these were and so I might end up trying another shade, just to double-check how terrible they are. But rest assured I certainly would not repurchase Whimsical!