The Body Shop Passion Fruit Body Butter


While rooting through my extensive makeup stash I came across this along with a couple of other Body Shop butters. I opened the lid to give it a quick sniff and mmmmm…. wow. I have got to start using this! 

As you can see from the photo I have certainly started using it and I love it. Passion fruit is one of my favourite fruits and this smells just like it, only sweeter, like it’s passion fruit syrup flavour (yes I know it’s scent not flavour but c’mon when something smells this good it’s earned the right to be called a flavour!). 

It moisturises beautifully as well whether applied on damp or dry skin. I can’t believe I let it hide away in a drawer all this time. 

Overall, would I repurchase?

I’ve just checked The Body Shop website and I can’t find it anywhere so it must have been limited edition sadly. There is hope however as I popped in to my local store last week and they actually had these on sale for £5 each! In retrospect I should’ve picked one (or three) up but if you like the sound of this butter I’d definitely recommend trying your local shop.


Bastiste Pixie Lott Dry Shampoo


While any Batiste is good Batiste in my opinion, I had to mention this as it’s one of my favourites. It smells gorgeous – a soft, sweet floral scent that for me is the perfect smell for hair. I’m a bit odd in that while I love edible scents on my body I hate them on my hair, as, well, you don’t really want to want to eat your hair do you? Or is it just me? For that reason I’m not a fan of the bloggers favourite Tropical variant but this one is definitely in my top 3 Batiste scents. 

It’s extremely rare for me to stray from this brand of dry shampoo as you can feel confident in that whichever one you choose it will perform just as good as the rest. I’ve worked my way through quite a few and have never found a dud one yet. A staple for us of the fringe brigade, especially in this glorious summer we’re having!

Overall, would I repurchase?

Yup yep and yes! I can’t live without a good dry shampoo and this one is cheap, cheerful and it works.

National Lipstick Day

To celebrate National Lipstick Day today Debenhams are offering £5 off any lipstick! I’m definitely going to be picking up a MAC lippie (from £15.50 to £10.50), although I’m torn between Rebel and Craving. Still, it’s not the worst decision I’ll ever have to make… Happy Lipstick Day!

Lush Tisty Tosty



As usually one to go for the biggest, brightest bath bomb I can see in Lush it was nice to try something a little different. Of course Lush being Lush it certainly isn’t boring, and this one is shaped a heart and ‘studded with seven real rosebuds’. A nice touch but if I’m honest they kept scaring me to death as I could feel them floating around in the bath, and just as I was beginning to relax I’d feel one and think it was some giant water spider thing! Rose petals – fine, but whole rosebuds not so much.

The smell is perfectly nice but to me it’s nothing special. I am a fan of super sweet edible fragrances so to someone with ‘different nose’ than me it might smell divine. I thought it just smelt ‘clean’ if you know what I mean, sort of like a lighty scented candle you might buy. I’ve explained that terribly so you probably haven’t got a clue what I’m on about, but know it’s a quite a universal smell and not a love/hate one.

As I said earlier I tend to go for Lush’s wackier creations so I was quite disappointed when my water didn’t turn a delicate shade of kaleidoscope or ejaculate glitter over my walls. However I can see this appealing to the side of Lush’s audience that is far more mature than me and are after a bath bomb as opposed to a floating Rio carnival.

Overall, would I repurchase?

No I wouldn’t – it’s just personal preference. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this at all, but if I’m spending £3 on a single bath I want to be (literally) knee deep in deliciously scented rainbow glitter and alas this just doesn’t do it for me. 

Mani Monday: Max Factor




Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you’ll probably know that orange is the colour of the summer. Be it fashion or beauty orange and all it’s variants is the one to be seen in. 

Alas, for me, orange isn’t the best colour. Orange clothes clash with my red (and god knows what other colour ombre I’ve got this week) hair, orange lips make my teeth look horrendously yellow…

Still, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous blood orange shade. Nails are probably the easiest way to work the orange trend in every day life while still being stylish. This one accentuates my tan while being the perfect colour for pale skin, making it look all glowy and healthy. Unlike a buttercup/yellowy-orange nail polish this could probably also carry you in to the autumn as well, as it has that rich depth of colour associated with the changing of the season. 

As for the actual nail polish I can’t comment on how long it wears as I only put this on last night, but it gave good coverage in one coat and was completely opaque in two. I am a fan of Max Factor nail polishes but I do think these mini ones are a tad overpriced at £4 when the full size ones are £6.

P.S. This is my 100th post! Thank you to all my followers for sticking with me and reading my daft ol’blog! I love you all 🙂 Chiara xxx

Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream


I wasn’t really sure what to expect from these creams, but I’ve actually ended up loving them.

They go on smooth and soft but after about half an hour they’ve dried in a way similar to the MUA velvet lacquers. While they then become less of a soft cream feel like a dry film on your lips, they aren’t drying and you don’t feel the need for a lip balm on top or underneath. This also makes them very long lasting and while they may not survive a drink without a straw they breeze through the odd nibble. The wear time is hours longer than any other ‘cream’ lip product I’ve tried.

Unlike the MUA velvet’s they are also a lot more forgiving when applying. Though you can’t really touch up without a mirror I apply them like I would a lipgloss. 

The colour pay off is impressive and the rich pigment is opaque in one coat which is good really as I don’t think they’d build/layer up well. Still, I am yet to mention possibly my favourite thing about these brilliant little tubes…

…They are 99p. 99 Great British pence. C’mon! The way the price of a Freddo is escalating these will probably soon be cheaper than the overpriced chocolate frog (seriously though back in my day they were 10p and they’ve been creeping up and creeping up until I recently saw one for 75p! 75p!). Even if you think there’s only a 10% chance of you liking these I’d definitely recommend trying one. 

Overall, would I repurchase?

For 99p a pop I think that’s a yes! Fragrance Direct also stock quite a few other Manhattan lip products for under a pound which might be snook in to my basket.

Eyeko Black Skinny Liquid Eyeliner



After knowing my adoration for the navy version of this, my wonderful friend Iona – hitlerthestripper – (and her legendary mum P-Dog) bought me the black as a birthday gift. 

I must start this by saying that I point blank hate nearly every pen style eyeliner. I just find them too dry and they tend to irritate and drag my eyes. 

While I think I could excuse dryness for the stunning shade of the navy version, it becomes more apparent with the black. Not unusable by any means and it certainly isn’t the worst I’ve tried, but it’s just not quite enough for me to consider giving up my usual liner for this. If you are a fan of these style liners though you will absolutely love it. It really is just my personal preference.

Getting an accurate flick/wing was a breeze and the staying power of this is amazing. It lasted all day even though my hay-fever tends to make my eyes a bit watery, something my normal liner usually can’t cope with. 

A great eyeliner – just not for me.

Overall, would I repurchase?

While I really do love the navy version and am desperate to try the purple one when it comes back in stock, the black just doesn’t cut it for me. I will use this up however, which is a massive milestone in the relationship between me and pen style liners! 

Boots Simply Sensitive Face Mask



As a change from my usual sachet face masks I decided to give a full tube size one a go on 3-for-2. 

The texture of this took me by surprise as it was a thick-ish lotion, whereas I nearly always use clay masks which are a lot thicker and denser. I always put face masks on when I’m in the bath, and so usually end up leaving them on for between 30 mins to an hour. When I did that with this however I was quite surprised to see almost all of it had sunk in by the time I got out. I’m just so used to clay formulas which don’t really absorb in to the skin I suppose.

Still, I washed the residue off with warm water and a muslin cloth and left my skin to dry. When I looked in the mirror again a few hours later I did notice a difference in my skin. Everything looked a little bit more blurred, my pores less obvious and my rosacea seemed a lot calmer. 

About five days later I used the mask again in the same way, but this time definitely felt the ‘deep cleansing’ aspect of the mask. I had a little breakout on my chin, which I don’t mind at all as it just shows that the mask is doing it’s job and bringing toxins and impurities to the surface. Nothing too major that my spot-fighting arsenal can’t solve! 

Overall, would I repurchase?

While I do like this mask and no doubt will finish the tube, I can’t help wanting a little more ‘oomph’. To me this is a good, basic face mask (which would be good for sensitive skin types as it claims) but I think next time I’ll be trying something that promises a bit more.

Mani Monday: MUA


I’m going through a bit of a purple phase at the moment. Anything in a shade that vaguely resembles it has to be mine – I’ve even dyed my ombre purple (well, some bits are purple. Other bits are varying degrees of browny lavender but hey, it’s only hair).

So when I of course saw this on my last trip to Superdrug I had to get it. I’d been meaning to try out a MUA nail polish for a while and this gave me the perfect excuse for another purple purchase.

And I’m really glad I bought it! It’s hard to regret a £1 purchase anyway but I was really impressed with this polish for the money. Opaque in two coats, it did chip after a couple of days but no sooner than any other non-long-wearing nail polish I’ve tried. 

Overall I’ll definitely be picking up some more of these in different shades as well as probably trying some of their nail effects. Yes it’s not the best nail polish I’ve ever used, but for £1 they’re a great way to try out different shades or for nail art when you end up wasting quite a lot of polish. Top marks MUA!