Revlon Matte Balms: New Shades

While on my weekly jaunt around Boots I couldn’t help but notice that there were four new shades of the Revlon Matte Balms, one of my favourite lipstick formulas of all time. A cheeky 3 for 2 offer persuaded me to pick up Fiery, Fierce and Passionate, leaving out Enchanting which I thought would be too light/peachy for me. Luckily the new shades are as gorgeous as the other colours I own, and they all have the same non-drying, super long lasting formula. Fab.



Fierce is definitely my favourite out of the three – a dark, neutral/slightly warm-toned 90s brown that is so popular as of late. Kylie Jenner would be proud.



Fiery is a rich, slightly blue, slightly brown toned berry red that reminds me of Rimmel 107. My only criticism is that it did tend to settle on dry areas of my lips, giving them an odd red/brown patchy look. this only happened after a good six hours of wear though and not every time I wore it.



I expected Passionate to be darker and more plumy than it is, but the shade itself is still a gorgeous bright pink that will take me well in to spring and summer.


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