My 24 Hours


If you haven’t already heard, one of my fave beauty vloggers Essie Button just hit one million subscribers! I’m so happy for her and to celebrate she is giving a number of viewers the chance to attend a celebration with her – more info in this video here. You can enter the comp by describing your fantasy 24 hours with no limitations, and I must say I got quite distracted by this and it took me half an hour to finally perfect my answer! Oops. I really enjoyed thinking about it though and thought I’d share my ideas in more detail to inspire you to do the same. Please tweet me your ideas/posts here and I’ll read as many as I can!  

9AM: I’d wake up with my family and friends in the Georgian Hotel in LA and then head to I-Hop for some breakfast. We stayed in the Georgian when we went to California a few years back and it’s just gorgeous. I am also desperate to try I-Hop as it features in pretty much every American travel vlog I watch and I’m a big pancake person! (I mean I really like them, I don’t mean I’m a pancake/person hybrid who cries maple syrup) (that’s just weird).

10AM: My morning would be spent shopping in New York, with a mid-morning snack at Katz’s deli. I’m not gonna lie, this whole day mainly revolves around food – most people have a bucket list of places/sights they want to see whereas I have a list of restaurants I want to eat at. #noregrets. 

12PM: Lunch would have to be at Osteria Francescana in Italy. It’s been on Masterchef so many times and the head chef Massimo Bottura seems like such an amazing guy! It’s also near Canal Chiaro, which is attractive to someone called Chiara for obvious reasons…

2PM: Post-lunch we’d head to Thailand for the afternoon to relax on the gorgeous beaches. This part is definitely inspired by the video for Duke Dumont’s I Got U, both because it looks like a stunning place and I love the song! I might even have Duke DJ on the beach while we’re sunbathing and drinking frozen Woo-Woos.

4PM: Mid-afternoon signals only one thing for me – afternoon tea. Yes. I haven’t quite decided on a place yet although it would have to be somewhere posh in London, maybe Fortnum & Mason or Claridge’s. 

6PM: By this time a pre-dinner pampering would be in order, in the form of a bath in the hot springs of Reykjavik in Iceland and some mani/pedi action! I’d also have my hair and makeup done so I look extra flawless for…

7PM: Dinner at The Shard in London. We went there for lunch last December but I’d love to see the view of London at night, especially if there’s a fireworks display over the Thames (which there will be because this is a fantasy 24 hours!). I’d choose the menu this time though – seabass and smoked salmon for the starter, with confit duck and dauphinoise for the main and something smothered in caramel for dessert. Everyone would be able to pick their dream menu too though, I’m not going to force my veggie/pescy friends to eat duck!

9PM: After dinner we’d all then go to a Luna cinema showing of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at St Paul’s, with great views of the late summer sunset over the cathedral.

11PM: Finally my night would end in Hawaii (on whichever island has the lowest light pollution so you can see a hella lot of stars) with a private beach party with all my friends, family and favourite people in the world. Disclosure and Mary J Blige would perform as well as others (I’d get my family and friends favourite artists there too), and we’d all be able to jump on stage to sing with them. I like the idea of me and a couple of my friends upstaging Kanye West in a rap battle, just sayin’. A party isn’t a party without some good food though, so I’d get a bunch of the best street food vendors there armed with gelato and hot dogs. Yum. 

I’d definitely make the most of my 24 hours and not roll in to bed until 9am the next morning after watching the Hawaiian sunrise! This whole plan might change in a couple of years after I see somewhere else I really want to visit, but for now I’m pretty confident that if someone gave me a day without limits I know what I’d do…



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