#getlippyweek Day 4 | Revlon Lacquer Balm Whimsical


As a huge, huge fan of the Revlon Matte Balms, I was optimistic about trying their shiny counterparts. Whimsical is an attractive purpley-pink shade that isn’t like any of the matte shades but unfortunately isn’t half as good as any of them either. I don’t mind a bit of shimmer but the glitter in this is so chunky you can feel it when you’re applying it and it leaves a faint gritty texture. Application is also tricky in that it never seems to look right, always a bit patchy here or there. Obviously with this being a gloss I wasn’t expecting the uber-long wear time of the matte balms, but the amount of time this stayed on my lips is ridiculous – an hour, max, before leaving an unsightly bleeding line around my lips with hardly any trace of colour. The glitter meanwhile could put Bear Grylls to shame, surviving long past the colour had gone and leaving my lips speckled with blue iridescent sparkle. It sounds a lot nicer than it looks.

Overall would I repurchase?

Part of me is in denial about how disappointing these were and so I might end up trying another shade, just to double-check how terrible they are. But rest assured I certainly would not repurchase Whimsical!


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