#getlippyweek Day 2 | Revlon Matte Balm Sultry



If like me you’re relatively new to nudes and want a nice ‘bridging’ colour from brights to something subtler, Revlon Sultry is perfect. Think Kylie Jenner 90s matte nude, but rosier and far more wearable. So wearable in fact that this is fast replacing Bourjois Nudist (review link) to become my daily go to shade. It’s not particularly warm or cool toned, and I can imagine the browny base and hint of red suiting a multitude of skin tones. The colour does remind me actually of a more-nude version and obviously matte version of the Revlon Red Velvet lip butter (review link).

The formula of the matte balms is also completely superb, matte and minty but not drying at all and they wear wonderfully (though you might need a teeny top up after eating/drinking). I know I can put this on the morning and not have to check on it until after lunch, meaning I don’t have to self-consciously keep checking my reflection all day. Owning this lipstick is just heavenly to be honest!

Overall would I repurchase?

100% yes! Day 7 of #getlippyweek will actually feature another Revlon matte balm, although there is a twist….


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