Dr. Organic Ice Mint Lip Balm



If there is one thing I do not need, it is another lip balm. If there is one thing I will forever buy in copious amounts, it’s lip balm. And maybe notebooks. And pens. And chocolate truffles.

I do actually have an excuse for this one though as it came in a beauty box. I thought I might as well try it out, but over the past couple of weeks it’s ended up replacing my regular balm. It’s nothing amazingly groundbreaking, but it’s moisturising, thick (in a good way – not like those balms that just slip over your lips without really doing anything and disintegrate within seconds) and deliciously minty, almost menthol but not quite. It just feels like it’s doing something when I wear it, not just sitting on top of my lips and looking pretty. The SPF is a big bonus too with summer on the way (or at least whatever transmogrification of hot weather dear old Britain decides to chuck at us). 


Overall would I repurchase?

At the price of a Starbucks it’s cost friendly and definitely one I’d recommend to a friend. It’s also available in other flavours such as Cherry, Liquorice and Argan Oil, which I think might sway me in to trying another (I’ll probably go for the Coconut one if you’re interested)!


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