(a very late, or very early depending on how you look at it) Lush Easter

Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb: LE

Due to the institutional teenager abuse that is A Levels, I have unfortunately just got round to reviewing the lovely Lush Easter pressie I got! First things first, I mean c’mon guys, how cute is this bath bomb? It’s a bunny with a heart for a nose. A bunny with a heart for a nose. And ears. Cute bunny ones. (Not that it’d have dragon’s ears but ya know.) What more could you want at Easter?(that isn’t chocolate anyway)

This lil’ cutie is called Hoppity Poppity due to the surprise of popping candy inside, which when combined with the violet, lime and lavender scent kinda makes your bath smell like a sweet shop – fine with me! The bomb turns pink as it fizzes but leaves the water clear but soft-feeling, as you’d expect from Lush.

Overall it made for a lovely relaxing bath, although next year I must use it actually during Easter! 


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