Happy Birthday Blog!


Oops. It seems my exam-induced hiatus has meant me missing my blog birthday – noooo! May 24th marked one year of this blog, so I thought I’d share with you the top 12 nuggets of beauty wisdom I’ve learnt (one for every month).

  1. If your foundation doesn’t look right, nothing will. Give yourself a few extra minutes to blend it in perfectly and your concealers and powders will fall seamlessly in to place.
  2. Lipstick is the nectar of the gods and can transform your mood, outfit and general outlook on life. 
  3. There will be certain eyeshadow combinations you look back on and think ‘seriously’. These are to be taken as part of the learning curve and you probably rocked them at the time anyway.
  4. Choose makeup for you and that makes you happy, whether this means a yellow manicure, black lipstick or concealer (or wearing all three). 
  5. Perfectly symmetrical eyeliner happens around twice a year and always when you’re just popping in to town for some milk. 
  6. I am utterly, completely and whole-heartedly useless at contouring.
  7. There are few bad days that can’t be soothed by a evening spent smothered in various masks and conditioners, and none that can’t be somewhat eased by a luxuriously long, hot bath.
  8. If anyone tells you you’re x/y/z for wearing fake tan/false lashes/lipgloss/etc, please tell them where to go and do not listen to them. pls. 
  9. Don’t succumb to the hype. That serum that every blogger and their dog is talking about is probably because said brand sent it out to every blogger and their dog
  10. Similarly to 9, just because your fave blogger loves something doesn’t mean you will. Though your shared love of anime and lambrini may make you internet besties, the gap between skin types is harder to bridge and what works for their oily t-zone may not suit your dry skin.
  11. Eyebrows. What? Eyebrows.
  12. You’re all gorgeous and fabulous and badass with and without makeup. Never feel obligated to wear it or to go without it – it’s a tool for you to use for your enjoyment and advantage. Own it and don’t let it own you. 

Here’s to another year of blogging lovelies!


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