Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser



This was one of the products I was most excited about trying from the Latest in Beauty Dream Box III – Ole Henriksen has a big rep in the beauty world and this balm/gel hybrid is a cult classic. Did it live up to my expectations? Hmm.

The formula is a bit odd but very effective, a thick wobbly gel that melts in to an oily balm on contact with your skin. It smells like those orange jelly cubes you add hot water to to make jelly, so teamed with the texture it really does feel like rubbing molten jelly in to your face. (Honestly it’s nicer than it sounds!) 

I’ve used this both to take my makeup off and on clean skin. Taking my makeup off with it was mildly disastrous to start with as I used it on my eyes – gah. All my eyeliner blended in to the gel and so got massaged in to my face (apparently the chimney sweep look is so A/W13), plus it didn’t really touch my mascara. Wouldn’t recommend. It took the rest of my makeup off pretty well but if I did it again I’d have to use something else to take my eye makeup off which isn’t ideal. 

Now I usually use it after I’ve taken my makeup off just to cleanse. You have to start with a dry face so I apply it before I shower at night and wash it off when I get in. Is it a nice cleanser? Yes. Is it worth £24? Hmm. Personally I’d rather splash the cash on a serum or cream that actually stays on my face for longer, but it is a nice product and compared to other cleansing balms at £40+ it’s not too horrendously priced. 


Overall would I repurchase?

No, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t use a tub if one happened to come my way!


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