Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet



I have heard so many good things about these from so many people that I just couldn’t resist any longer. Boy am I glad I caved! These really are hands down some of the best lipsticks I have ever used. In fact they may be the best – but I think I’ll have to try a few more shades before I award them that huge claim. 

What makes them so good? 1. The staying power. Even throughout eating and drinking all day they didn’t budge and didn’t need touch ups.  2. The texture. A lipstick that lasts all day isn’t amazingly rare these days, but one that stays soft and doesn’t dry out the lips is. As the name would suggest it really does stay velvety soft.  3. The smudge-proof-iness (defo not a word). Accidentally whack yourself in the face on a daily basis like I do? Yep,*high five*. Seriously if there is something within a mile radius of me at the same height as my face I will hit it. At least I know I won’t leave a lipstick stain on any more glass doors with this. 4. The price. People, this under ten pounds. Under a tenner. What can you actually buy with £10? Half a frappucino? At the current rate of inflation I doubt it’d cover a Freddo, so to be able to bag yourself an incredibly brilliant lipstick with change to boot is pretty darn good.


Overall would I repurchase?

I’m actually quite scared to go in to Boots at the moment as these are currently on 3 for 2, and I’m having strange premonitions of me going in and picking up every shade. Step away from the makeup stand Chiara. Step away.


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