Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara


Left: with Hypnose Star | Right: without mascara



I’m a huge fan of Lancome mascaras in general but Hynose Star has got to be one of my all-time favourites. It curls, it volumises, it lengthens…it’s got everything. Admittedly the brush does take a bit of getting used to at first as it’s an odd flat shape, but it’s well worth mastering if you can. Everyone has their own technique – I find it best to initially apply with the long flat side, then get in to the roots and above the lashes with the brush turned on its edge. This shade is called ‘Black Diamond’ (hence the name Hypnose Star) although if I’m honest I don’t see any particular sparkle or glitter. I don’t mind as it’s such a great mascara anyway but if you’re thinking of buying this because of that I probably wouldn’t bother – it’s just a normal black. 

Although I did really like Hypnose Doll Eyes I always found it so frustrating that it gave me under-eye shadows by lunchtime. I don’t even wear mascara on my bottom lashes but everyday I’d get faint black smudges which just made my sleep deprived bags look a thousand times worse. Thankfully (and I think this is the thing that makes it the best Lancome one for me) Hypnose Star doesn’t do this while somehow being easier to take off at the end of the day. 


Overall would I repurchase?

Of course!


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