Argan Oil – For Your Feet?


Ah the joys of Poundland. It’s truly amazing what crap you can buy when everything’s just one solitary pound and some purchases are definitely conducted with more sanity than others. Alas, this was one of those ‘did I seriously buy this’ moments. Still, I think the comedy value of me sliding round the house for half an hour was definitely worth it. 

If you’ve never tried one of these foot packs before (what have you been doing with your life? actually having one?) they’re basically socks made out of plastic bag material soaked in a thin moisturiser. I’m not going to lie – putting them on is an act of true courage. It takes a special kind of person to slide their foot in to a boot shaped plastic bag filled with an icey cold, slimey substance *shudders*. Yet still the fun has only just begun! Need to pop to the fridge or stand up for any reason at all? Have fun with that. It’s truly a character defining experience to be trapped in a constantly slippery limbo, that feels like you’re walking on a bouncy castle that’s just been slathered in vaseline. Don’t attempt to make any sudden movements or you’ll probably end up sharing a head-first smooch with your carpet.

Did they moisturise my feet? Not really.


Overall would I repurchase?

Unless there is an urgent call requiring me to sub in for a Chuckle Brother and I need to provide a sketch, I doubt these will be needed again in the near future. Or ever. 


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