Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation



I haven’t tried a Rimmel foundation in a few years after not being overly impressed with their previous offerings. However their “Wake Me Up’ foundation is definitely having a bit of a moment in the blogosphere – I can only name a handful of bloggers who didn’t feature it in their 2014 favourites. Their latest release is this Lasting Finish Nude Foundation, an addition to their existing Lasting Finish line. 

As foundations go it’s pretty darn good actually. Lightweight and blendable, it really did last all day on my skin (about 15 hours) although unsurprising I haven’t tested the ‘25 hour’ claim. Seriously, 25 hours? I don’t even think I’ve ever been awake that long. The colour ’10 Light Porcelain’ is also a new super-light shade from Rimmel only available in this formula, although unbelievably I found this too light for my skin! Ah well I suppose this is good news if you are truly porcelain skinned and struggle to find bases light enough for you.


Overall would I repurchase? 

This is honestly a great foundation but I should’ve listened when it said medium coverage. It’s just not full coverage enough for me to repurchase it, though I will probably use it up on no-makeup-makeup days. However if you don’t want an as heavy duty foundation then you’ll probabluy love it.


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