Bath of the Week: Lush Golden Wonder








A Lush Chimbo best seller for a few years now, this time round I finally caved in to the gold glitter and am so glad I did! It’s not Christmassy in the traditional mistletoe-and-wine-pumpkin-cinnamon-spice way, rather it’s a bit like a hangover bath bomb to refresh you the day after. Think having a bath in Buck’s Fizz or a Mimosa – something citrusy and sparkly like limes champagne. In that sense it’s actually really good for pepping up dark January days despite being part of the xmas range. 

All the best bath bombs should be a miniature rave in a bathtub, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Sparkling turquoise water speckled with rainbow ‘presents’? I’ll have me some o’ that! The gold glitter shimmering through it is just enough to add a slight mystique and ‘ooo’ without leaving your bath looking like an iridescent sand pit afterwards. It’s a fine line which some of Lush’s more, let’s say, ‘enthusiastic’, products sometimes struggle to walk, although luckily not this one!


Overall would I repurchase?

I think the biggest (and probably only) downside to this is that it’s only available for a few festive months of the year. When it rolls back in to shops some time in October I’ll be sure to pick up a few to last me through xmas and in to January ( or should that be Ban-uary? Everyone seems to be on a food ban, alcohol ban, shopping ban, party ban – bring back Chrimbo I say).


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