Lush Father Christmas






As one of my xmas presents was a huge Lush gift full of their Christmas bath bombs, expect a few slightly out of season bath bomb reviews from me in the coming weeks! I might save a few reviews until next Christmas to post (yes next Christmas) if I know they will definitely be coming back, but otherwise be prepared to wait quite a few months to get your hands on some of the things I’m posting about!

So, on to the bath bomb in question. Lush Father Christmas has been a regular occurrence in their festive range for a couple of years now, except previously with a citrus/orange scent. However this little ball of joy is now scented with Lush’s Snow Fairy fragrance, which those of you who read bits of Blogmas will know I absolutely love! It’s a great reproduction of the scent too and lasted for the entire two hours I was in the bath.


Overall would I repurchase?

While the deep emerald water did sometimes promote the feeling that I was bathing in a Shrek-esk swamp, the subtle glitter and candy scent made it a lovely experience overall. Definitely a repurchase when xmas 2015 comes around!


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