Christmas Q&A! | Blogmas 2014


^ My Daniel Radcliffe is feeling very festive!

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

Ooooooo….. either Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’ or ‘Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)’ by Michael Buble or Mariah Carey. Then again I do love ‘All I Want For Christmas’ is you! And…

Christmas Pudding or Mince Pies?

Neither they’re both dreadful.

Favourite festive coffee shop drink?

Starbuck’s Special Hot Chocolate – I say ‘special’ because their exact Christmas one changes every year, as last year it was Salted Caramel and this year it is Honey and Almond which is AMAZING OMG. It tastes like a melted Toblerone which in case you hadn’t guessed is DELICIOUS.

Christmas cracker jokes?

Love them! Where else am I supposed to get all my comedy material for the year ahead?

Favourite Christmas films?

Home Alone 1 and 2 are probably my classic favourites, though I am a massive fan of the ‘Nativity’ films! Love Actually is my 2nd favourite film ever so that has to be in there – I cry every time. I also have really fond memories of always watching Elf at school near the end of term when my teachers were probably hung over from xmas parties! 

Are you dreaming of a White Christmas?

Yes so so much! We didn’t really have any snow last year and it just wasn’t the same. I’m hoping we get as much snow as the year before when it was about a foot deep (snow days!).

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Usually most of my Christmas Eve is spent with Dad doing last minute shopping in Meadowhall and wrapping presents. Then me and Mum usually get a takeaway and watch all the tv xmas specials!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Fake it til you make it baby!

How good are you at wrapping presents?

Not too horrendous but I don’t particularly enjoy it. Not unless there’s a Christmas CD on in the background and lots of festive nibbles and drinks (essentially a present wrapping party).

Favourite Christmas colours?

Red and gold.

Have you ever spent Christmas away from home?

Yes, a few years ago I went with my mum and her brother’s family to California and we spent Christmas in Disneyland! The Christmas Day fireworks there are spectacular. That entire holiday was just amazing and I’d love to go back but maybe not for Christmas – I like being at home!

Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

That’s a hard one! Maybe Christmas Eve?


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