Lush Luxury Lush Pud | Blogmas 2014


I’ve saved my favourite Lush Christmas product until last, which as you may have guessed is this stunning bath bomb! I think this may be my favourite Lush bomb ever actually. For one it smells absolutely delicious – sweet but not sickly, with a very subtle hint of spice – though I haven’t the foggiest what the actual scent is! To be honest that isn’t surprising as the main scents are lavender, tonka absolute and ylang ylang, and who really knows what tonka and ylang ylang smell like? It shares it’s fragrance with the Twilight bath bomb apparently which pleased me as it means I can smell it all year round!

The second reason I love this is of course how gorgeous it is in your bath! The above photos are only a small portion of the many I took (which probably goes to show how sad I am), as I have finally found my Nicki-Minaj-concert bath bomb! Once all the colours have dispersed the water settles down to a dark pink colour – perfect!

It’s most certainly not style over substance though as it made my bath water and skin wonderfully soft. I’ve never tried anything quite like a Lush bomb to make my water feel so creamy and thick with a softly lingering scent. 


Overall would I repurchase?

Absolutely! I definitely see this becoming an annual festive favourite. 


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