My Christmas Tree! | Blogmas 2014


After my Mum decided that she did in fact hate our seven foot green tree we decided to buy a new one. While I do love the idea of a real tree I know I’d be atrocious at looking after it so it’d probably just be a pile of brown needs by Christmas Eve. I suppose if you grew up with one it’s different but for me it’s more of a tradition to get ours out of the attic! 

We chose an artificial white one (what? that massive white plastic thing is artificial? no way!) to fit in with our cream and turquoise (ish) living room, and of course we couldn’t resist a candy-land theme. I think we fell in love with the donuts first and everything else just got added to basket! 

Don’t be afraid to personalise your decorations too! As you can see in pride of place is a ski lift decked out with our own Lilo and Stitch. While it’s a lovely decoration on it’s own Lilo & Stitch rule in our house and he even fits in with the pink and blue theme – success! If you’ve got any baubles that are looking worst for wear or you can see a (literal) window for a bit of jazzing up then go for it! Even if it’s just writing the year or something memorable happening that Christmas (baby’s first Christmas, first xmas married, golden anniversary…) in a fancy pen. You could even get children to decorate a few boring ones or fill clear baubles with something of your choice, like sequins, glitter, tic tacs, whatever you want. So what if it’s tacky, that’s Christmas’s middle name!


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