Café De Bain Raspberry & Rose Crème Tarte Bath Crème


After loving the Shower Creme version of this I couldn’t resist picking up the Bath Creme which has the same delicious scent. If you missed that post I said:

“Okay, so you know those shower gels or whatever that say they’re ‘strawberry tart’ or ‘mousse’ or ‘cupcake’ or whatever but really just smell like strawberries? Well I am pleased to report my friends that when this says ‘tart’ it means tart. You can smell pastry. Or butter. Or something nice but whatever it is it smells ruddy gorgeous. Top that off with a real raspberry scent and a delicate hint of rose and you’ve got one hell of a good shower gel!’

Except while that lovely scent remains it doesn’t quite translate as well in to a bath tub. Though you can smell it beautifully when you sniff in to the bottle, once you’ve added a glug or two in to your bath you can’t smell it at all which is so disappointing. And I really was quite generous with the amount I put in.

Overall would I repurchase?

Unfortunately not. There’s no point in it having a lovely scent if you can’t smell it when you use it!


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