Café de Bain Raspberry & Rose Shower Crème


While scouring the Waitrose aisles for our (thrice) weekly shop I came across a shiny new brand. Café de Bain seems to be very much a dupe (read: rip off) for Patisserie De Bain by Rose & Co. In any case it looked like a steal at £3 so I picked up this and the matching bubble bath for the same price. 

Okay, so you know those shower gels or whatever that say they’re ‘strawberry tart’ or ‘mousse’ or ‘cupcake’ or whatever but really just smell like strawberries? Well I am pleased to report my friends that when this says ‘tart’ it means tart. You can smell pastry. Or butter. Or something nice but whatever it is it smells ruddy gorgeous. Top that off with a real raspberry scent and a delicate hint of rose and you’ve got one hell of a good shower gel. 

Overall, would I repurchase?

Ahhmm- oh what sorry? My apologies I was just smelling this DELICIOUS SHOWER GEL. Yes I would repurchase, and I’m of course going to try the other two flavours in the range – Coconut Macaroon and Sweet Vanilla Madeline. 


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