Face Mask Friday | Montagne Jeunesse Amore Rose


#angellec makeup fmf 

Rose is a funny ol’ thing with me. Sometimes I love the scent of it and other times I can’t stand it (although I always hate the taste!). Luckily this ticks all my floral scent requirement boxes – sweet, delicate and it doesn’t smell like the drawer pillows your grandparents have. Top marks MJ!

This is meant to be one of Montagne Jeunesse’ more moisturising masks and it’s a cream formula which I didn’t expect to set, especially as I applied this in the bath. It did set and though this doesn’t bother me, it might be worth noting if you tend to opt for cream face mask formulas as opposed to clay because you hate the tight feeling the latter gives when it sets. 

Amore Rose left my skin feeling quite soft and refreshed although unfortunately not much more. To be honest it’s probably more suited to normal/sensitive skin than combination like mine. 

Overall, would I repurchase?

Probably not, but as I mentioned above this is probably more to do with my skin type than anything.  


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