Mani Monday: Revlon Top Speed in 670 Violet

REVLON TOP SPEED NAIL ENAMEL in 670 VIOLET: £6.49 now discontinued I think but you can find them on eBay for about £3-£5

Ooo now we haven’t had an #angellec makeup mani monday post in quite a while have we? I can only apologise for that *slaps wrist* but I’ll do my best to try and keep with them from now on. 

To make things a lil’ easier for both of us I’ve decided to make Mani Monday’s a bit different than my usual posts, and rate each polish simply in a few topics. So here’s the stats for this week’s polish:

Revlon Top Speed in 670 Violet

Number of coats needed: 2 for full opacity 

Days gone without chipping: 3

Colour: Absolutely gorgeous shimmery magenta-purple. A great transitional shade from summer brights to winter berries.

Was it ‘fast dry’? Yep!

Overall score? 5/5


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