Face Mask Friday | Montagne Jeunesse Passion Peel Off


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Believe it or not this is actually my first branch in to peel off face masks. I can’t really understand why but they just never appealed to me. I thought I was a clay mask girl for sure – but this managed to change my mind.

As someone with combination skin finding a face mask that ticks all my boxes is near impossible. It has to mattify my skin of oil, but can’t be too stripping as I actually have quite dry skin. Too moisturising though and I break out almost immediately. Gah! What’s a gal to do?

Well, that gal has to buy Montagne Jeunesse’s Passion Peel Off! 

Application was a lot easier than I expected – I thought the texture would be really running and watery but this is actually quite thick and reminds me a bit of semi-set liquid wax. If I’m honest though I’d use this when I’m alone, as the clear red liquid teamed with my existing rosacea was not a pretty sight! Shiny, red skin initially made me look extremely sunburnt initially, but when it dried and started peeling away I looked like a 9th degree burns victim (hence no on-face shot of the mask)! 

Still, it was all worth it though. Peeling the mask off was a bit like being a phoenix rising out of the ashes. I expected a mask like this to be quite stripping, so imagine my surprise when, instead of feeling dry and tight, my skin felt silky soft and loved. Brilliant! 

It’s worth mentioning that I did get a few minor spots a few days after using this, which I don’t mind at all as it means it brought all the impurities up to the surface of my skin. 

Overall, would I repurchase?

Definitely! Montagne Jeunesse are such a great brand in my opinion and for £1 I’ll always keep trying their face masks in case I find one I really love. Passion Peel Off is possibly my new favourite and one which I’m sure I’ll be getting again.


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