Argan 5 + Argan Oil Skin Renewal Body Scrub



While browsing the beauty section of my local Waitrose I came across this. I’m a fan of Argan oil and love it for my hair but had never actually tried an Argan oil body product and was intrigued to if it would work as well. In went the Skin Renewal Body Scrub to my basket.

The scent is woody, warm and quite unisex – very different to any other body product I own and I quite like the change. It’s much more suited to autumn/winter though if I’m honest and in summer I prefer something fresher and sweet.

I ploughed on regardless and am quite glad I did. The texture is very thick and creamy but somehow you can tell it’s oil based. After working it in to my skin for a while it melts, and from this stage I leave it on for as long as possible without washing it off to let the oils absorb and sink in. The result is a gently exfoliating scrub that doesn’t dry out my skin or feel harsh. 

Overall, would I repurchase?

I’m not sure about that one. I do like this scrub, of course I do, but is it good enough to repurchase? There are so many scrubs I want to try that I’ve read rave reviews about and this one just maybe isn’t special enough. 


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