Mani Monday: Max Factor




Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you’ll probably know that orange is the colour of the summer. Be it fashion or beauty orange and all it’s variants is the one to be seen in. 

Alas, for me, orange isn’t the best colour. Orange clothes clash with my red (and god knows what other colour ombre I’ve got this week) hair, orange lips make my teeth look horrendously yellow…

Still, I couldn’t resist this gorgeous blood orange shade. Nails are probably the easiest way to work the orange trend in every day life while still being stylish. This one accentuates my tan while being the perfect colour for pale skin, making it look all glowy and healthy. Unlike a buttercup/yellowy-orange nail polish this could probably also carry you in to the autumn as well, as it has that rich depth of colour associated with the changing of the season. 

As for the actual nail polish I can’t comment on how long it wears as I only put this on last night, but it gave good coverage in one coat and was completely opaque in two. I am a fan of Max Factor nail polishes but I do think these mini ones are a tad overpriced at £4 when the full size ones are £6.

P.S. This is my 100th post! Thank you to all my followers for sticking with me and reading my daft ol’blog! I love you all 🙂 Chiara xxx


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