Soap & Glory Smooch Operator


I’ve had this balm for quite a while now but haven’t reviewed it as it’s been sold out for ages. If I’m honest I don’t really understand why.

Yes, it’s a nice lip balm, but it’s nothing particularly special or unique. It’s sort of like Carmex in that it comes in the same style tub and tingles on the lips when you apply it. The scent is quite floral/perfumey, which I do like but especially with lip products I prefer ‘edible’ smells. With it being so close to my mouth (and tongue) it has to taste nice as well and in my opinion this doesn’t – I think it tastes like it smells actually! Not a bad thing if you like it but just not for me. 

A big plus point of this for many people is that it stays on remarkably well through eating and drinking, but as the number of lip products I carry around with me is almost in double figures that doesn’t really matter to me!

Basically I’d say it’s like Carmex but more expensive and not as good. Maybe I just got a dud or they’ve changed the formula though, as everyone else seems to love it.

Overall would I repurchase?

No. There are that many lip products out there and this just isn’t special enough for me. 


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