Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry Souffle Face Mask




love face masks. I do. Although I buy tubes of it for ‘everyday’ skincare, sometimes I can’t resist the odd sachet of Montagne Jeunesse. Admittedly there are some duds in the range but for 99p it’s hardly a tragedy if you don’t like it. 

Regular readers are probably all too aware of my love of sweet, gourmand fragrances and a strawberry and whipped cream face mask sounds like my idea of heaven. It didn’t disappoint – the creamy texture and strawberry seeds reminded me of Eton Mess and smelt just as good! Although I did like the strawberry seeds I do feel like they should’ve been mentioned as some people might be put off by that texture. Still, for me it just made it feel that little more authentic.

Did the mask do a lot for my skin? Not really. This is meant to be moisturising and purifying, and though my skin felt softer after using it it’s never going to be a wonder product. But as I said for 99p it’s more of a pampering treat than anything else. As long as it smells good, I’m in! 

How I use it:

– After removing my makeup and cleansing, I applied this mask with my fingers (though a flat foundation brush works well if you don’t want to get messy). You’re meant to leave them on for about 10/15 mins but I sat in the bath with this on for about an hour if I’m honest. Afterwards I removed it with warm water and a muslin cloth as I don’t actually own a flannel!

Overall, would I repurchase?

No, but only because I don’t tend to use the same sachet mask twice as I like to try out the different flavours (right word?). It is a nice face mask for a night in pamper sesh and there’s easily enough mask in the packet to cover two faces. Superdrug also seem to do a great range for the same price of which I might have to try a couple of.

(Sorry for my terrifying face-mask-face by the way! I forgot to take a pic of a swatch on the back of my hand so my face it was)


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