Mani Monday: Accessorize & No7



This is the first post in weekly feature called (of course) Mani Monday! Woo! Not very original I know but I literally have an entire draw full of nail polish and figured this was the best way to plough through them all. 

Unfortunately I don’t know the shade name for the Accessorize one as I got in a set of minis a few months ago and have since thrown away the box. I had a quick look for it online and can’t seem to find it, although the blue colour in the ‘Lucy Gift Trio’ looks quite similar. I hope I track it down as it is a really lovely duck egg blue, not too green like some turquoises I’ve bought recently. It’s just about opaque in one coat though I always apply two anyway so it lasts longer.

The No7 nail effects is one of my favourite gold glitter topcoats. It has a mix of fine and chunky glitter, which makes application a lot easier as you don’t have to fish around in the bottle trying to get enough on your brush. The different sizes also make for a smoother, better covered look on the nail. 

Gold and blue is one of my favourite colour combos both in makeup and fashion and I think this look is just so summery and fresh.

How I use it:

– To prevent staining my nails I used a base coat before applying two coats of the Accesorize turquoise, letting each coat dry before applying the next. Once they are dry I apply one coat of the No7 glitter effects on each of my ring fingers for a bit of sparkle.

Overall, would I repurchase?

While there’s nothing wrong with them, I do doubt if I’d go out and specifically buy an Accessorize nail polish again. However after checking the website they do a great range of nail effects kits such as velvet and ‘paparazzi’ nails, which remind me a lot of Ciaté velvets and ‘caviars’! As for the No7 one, this is my first polish from them and it has proved itself to be good quality. While I would buy another with one of the endless sea of vouchers I own, I don’t think I would pay full price. There are just so many great quality polishes out there for less money.


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