Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub


When I bought this I assumed I would use it pretty regularly, but actually I hardly ever use it. Maybe my gazillion lip balms have come in useful as I just never find my lips are dry/flaky/chapped enough to warrant using this. Most of the pot has been used up by my friends eating it by the finger-ful! 

However when I do get round to using this it is a good product. It exfoliates the lips without being too harsh, and you feel a lovely tingling sensation when rubbing it on. 

How I use it:

– If I’m about to use a lipstick that I know tends to cling to dry patches or go on a bit patchy (matte formulas are usually the worst for this), I use this beforehand. I simply dab a little on to my finger and rub back and forth over my lips.

Overall, would I repurchase it?

If you’d have asked me ten minutes ago I would have given a negative reply, however after checking the Lush website I’ve discovered they do a lip scrub called ‘Popcorn’ that has popping candy in it! The scrub does work whenever I use it, and the lure of ‘coconut oil, sugar and a buttery, caramel taste’ teamed with the popping candy might be too much for me to resist the ‘Popcorn’ version!


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