Eyelash Care



Somehow, through absolute sheer pot luck, I have been blessed with good eyelashes and no eyebrows. I’m not too saddened though as I feel eyelashes are such an important factor in making your eyes stand out. And so, in an attempt to keep the one thing I have got, I’ve started applying Vaseline on to my eyelashes every night. 

I’d like to say it moisturises them but I’m not sure that’s completely the right term and I’m certainly no expert. While I can’t claim that after one use I’m left with eyelashes to rival TOWIE, I can say for me it definitely makes them stronger and less prone to fall out.

Although I’ve heard good things about the same technique helping eyebrows grow, unfortunately my skin type puts that out of the question. For some strange reason I always get spots near my eyebrows – weird. Using Vaseline on them would without a doubt cause me to break out.

If you haven’t tried this before I would suggest giving it a go. It’s much cheaper than investing in a lash serum and while it might not give as good results, it is a good way to give your lashes some TLC everyday.

I use the cocoa butter one for no other reason than it’s the one I usually use by the way. Once again it was a case of nose over head as this smells yummy! Now I’m using Vaseline on my lashes regularly though I think I’ll invest in the big 100g tub of the pure stuff for only £2.15. It’s a lot cheaper and my eyes don’t appreciate the cocoa butter as much as my lips anyway!

How I use it:

– After taking my makeup off and cleansing every night I apply a little Vaseline to a clean, dry mascara wand and coat my lashes. I just use an old mascara wand (the one in the photo is from Max Factor Eye Brightening mascara if you were wondering). 


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