Soap & Glory Tricks of the Shade Palette


(Apologies for reviewing something that’s unavailable! I try to avoid this as much as I can but I justified it seen as you can still buy the eyeshadows in quads!)

If I’m honest I was a bit dubious when Soap & Glory first released a makeup range a few years ago. I just didn’t think they’d be able to match up to the standard of their bath and body range. 

However I have to admit I’ve been really impressed! I’ve never bought a bad product from them and Tricks of the Shade is no exception. A bumper palette of 12 eyeshadows and their Supercat eyeliner (review soon) it features a mix of neutrals and brighter colours. Personally I think ‘Sugar Violet’ (pale lilac) and ‘Wild Blue’ (turquoise) do look a little out of place in such an otherwise neutral palette, but maybe that’s because I would hardly ever wear such shades myself.

The pigment varies from shade to shade but the butteriness and staying power is a constant throughout the palette. My favourites are ‘Dandy Plum’, ‘Aubersheen’ (not very purple at all so the name seems misplaced) and ‘Minky’ but I also surprisly love ‘Chine’. It’s a unique shade of pale, silvery lilac with just the right amount of shimmer. Not for every day maybe but I’ll definitely be trying this on my next night out. ‘Black Gold’ is a wonderfully soft and pigmented matte black, great for smokey eyes, although I see more gold undertones in ‘Smokin’’ than the former shade. Maybe the glitter in its deceiving me!

I would definitely recommend you try and find this palette if you can. It’s exceptional value for money given that buying the eyeshadows alone would cost £30 and the eyeliner is £6. Keep checking eBay to see if one appears!

How I use it:

– If it has to last me from day to night I first prime my lids with a primer or cream shadow. I wouldn’t worry day to day as these eyeshadows usually last until I get home.

– Although I normally use a brush, I sometimes do use my fingers to apply these shadows as long as I’m not doing a smokey eye. You just seem to be able to get a lot more pigment especially with the shimmer shades.

Overall, would I repurchase?

Although obviously I can’t repurchase this exact palette, I would definitely 100% buy Soap & Glory eyeshadows again as the quality is exceptional for the money and they do some great shades. As a brand famous for their Christmas gift sets I’ll be on the look out for a similar palette when the festive season rolls around!


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