Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Stick


My love of chubby style lip products made me go in to the Max Factor pen sticks quite optimistic. 

The formula is just as I expected from the product – soft and quite glossy without being sticky. Although the shade is just a tad too coraly for my liking, (my fault not theirs I should have picked a different shade) the colour goes on smoothly and not patchy. Staying power is about 2-3 hours which I think is quite good for a gloss.

However I just can’t get over that these are designed to be sharpened and not twisted up! As I said previously the product is a soft gloss and it’s going to be a complete pain to sharpen and not have it just melt in to my sharpener. Some people have said leaving them in the fridge overnight helps but that just seems far too much of an annoyance, and the product should work for me not the other way round.

How I use it:

– I don’t but if you have particularly dry/flaky lips I’d apply a little balm underneath this as it’s not moisturising. Aside from that I use the tip of the pen first to line my lips and then tilt it to fill them in.

Overall, would I repurchase?

No, I don’t think I would. I just find sharpening them far too inconvenient and there will probably be quite a bit of product wasted when it gets to the end. There are other products out there like this that are twist up and therefore far less annoying.


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