Seventeen Make Your Mark Soft Eyeliner Pen


I’m a big fan of Seventeen, so when I bought this I did so with the same trust and expectations I have in their other products. Unfortunately the Make Your Mark eyeliner pen really didn’t cut it for me. 

The first thing I noticed was how stiff the ‘soft’ eyeliner pen was! It really was like trying to do your makeup with a felt tip marker, and a slightly dried up one at that! Trying to get a smooth, fluid line in one stroke is near impossible, as it’s not soft to glide and keeps catching on your eyelid. I naively thought that at least this would make precision flicks easier – wrong! It just doesn’t have that fluid glide that you need in a liquid eyeliner.

Another thing I found was that although the staying power was quite good, the second you even slightly rub it in the day it smudges, leaving great black marks all over your eyelid. This is especially annoying as you then have to get rid of those before you can reapply.

If you can cope with the hard pen tip, the actual eyeliner in it is very good for the money. 

How I use it:

– For winged liner, I first draw a line inwards towards my outer eye for the flick, and again for the other eye. I do mine about 0.6/0.7cm long but it’s completely personal preference. I always do my wings first as if I have to correct them that doesn’t mean me wiping off the rest of my liner.

– From the tip of the line downwards, I draw a slim triangle that gradually gets wider as I reach my eye. Fill in with the liner. Et voila! 

– Starting from my inner eye, I then draw a smooth fluid line towards my wing. Sometimes I can do this in one swipe, sometimes not. I wear my liner quite thick so my first line is usually a few millimetres away from my lash line and then I fill in the space between. 

Overall, would I repurchase?

No I’m afraid not. The applicator is just far too hard for the delicate eye area and this seriously affects the look you can achieve with this. 


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